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Wine Regions

Since the Kahn's stores have historically thought about wine in terms of regions, it's not surprising that our stores are organized by countries first, then varietals. If we think about Cabernet Sauvignon, we think about Napa Cabernets, or the Cabernet blends of Bordeaux and then move on to other old world and new world Cabernets. Consider France as a primary example of geography controlling the grape varietal: Looking for Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, go to Burgundy; looking for Syrah or Grenache, go to the Rhone Valley; looking for Cabernet or Merlot, you will find them in Bordeaux. Italy is very much the same... you find Nebbiolo in Piedmont, Sangiovese in Tuscany etc. Does that mean these grapes aren't grown elsewhere? Absolutely not. Countries and regions are just a starting point for organizing and understanding wine varietals. Want to know more? Keep reading... Todd, one of our store managers, has provided an overview of major wine producing countries and regions and the major grapes that grow in the countries and regions.