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WTTS's Tapping Tour - A song tribute

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Published in honor of all the up and coming artists who will be featured at the Kahn's leg of WTTS's Tapping tour!

by Lu Miller

Everyone here at Kahn's is very excited to be partnering with WTTS on another Tapping Tour event featuring Flat 12 Bierwerks at our Keystone on October 18th from 5-7pm, and Fountain Square Brewing at Keystone November 8th from 5-7pm.  WTTS will be joining brewers or owners from each local brewery at both events, with FREE cds of up and coming artists.

Even better, beers from the featured breweries will be on SALE at all our Kahn’s locations for the month surrounding the events!

This event inspired me to create a MEGA SONG, made up of lyrics from each of the artists featured on the FREE cds WTTS will be handing out at all the Tapping Tour events!  Its like listening to the entire cd at once!

The title is:  Oh Boy! You Can’t Be Told What I Wouldn’t Do for The Graceless Wild Child Man and Jennifer with Neon Eyes who wants an Elephant in a Penitentiary When my Train Pulls In running over The Great Divide and The Ceiling with Wings.

By:  Amos Lee, Little Comets, Tame Impala, Houndmouth, Boy, The Wild Feathers, Haerts, Brett Dennen, Valerie June, the Mowgli’s, Serena Ryder, the National, Gary Clark Jr., and Saints of Valory

Arranged by : Lu Miller


It was always going to end like this

I am a wild child, yes I am

I love the country

Son I don't want to run in place, I don't want to run out 
Who the hell runs this place, still trying to figure out 
Why I have to fight so hard just to put up a fight 
It was always going to end like this

Down around Lawrence Bend
Oh momma the law came crashing down on me

Come on down

To the Penitentiary

I don't want to say a word

And I'm calling from a pay phone
It was always going to end like...

Son in my hands, neon eyes take the lead 

And darling I know I've made mistakes 
It was always going to end like this

Misty mountain lady, won’t you borrow me tonight

I don’t want you to be untrue
Let the game come easily

People never smile to say goodbye.

Leaving means there's nothing left to try.
I head east towards the city 
and when the sun goes down I’m heading home again 

And it's quiet like snow through the trees

Well, I did what I did and I'd do it all over again

And you wish you was in a movie

It's a shame that I don't love you better
But I broke my wings for you.
It was always going to end like this

Rooster crowed in the dead of night

Knew it wasn't right

to crow before daylight

Won’t do right, and he can’t be told 
No, He can’t be told, 
No, He can’t be told
See where he's bound
Same destination 
6 feet in the ground

He's not too easily scared
Well, he feels like an elephant
Too bad your chances are slim
It was always going to end like this

I'm trying, but I'm graceless

Don't have the sunny side to face this
You can't imagine how I hate this

Seen a drawer full of pills

Just come and find me
I took the medicine when I went missing
Bullets through rock and through
Come apart at the seams
Now I know what dying means
It was always going to end like this

I pray my dreams will come and I’ll cross the great divide 

please, please come and save me 
this soul of mine will finally find some peace 
So I will smile and I’ll see you there

The current grows stronger
under different shades of blue
I’ve fallen in your water
forget everything I knew
I’ve fallen in your water
Oh what I wouldn’t do

Everyday nothing seems to change.
Everywhere I go I keep seeing the same old thing & I..

I'll catch the next train & I.. I'll move on down the line.

Walking down the streets you might run across a smilng face.
But they'll stab you in the back as soon as you turn & walk away
& I.. Oh Lord it's bringing me down.

It was always going to end like this

We'll start it over, start it over, love

She's so easy to fall for, but boy she's so hard to hold. She looks at you like the morning, you know you're gonna be hungry when you get home

I'll never let the magic go.
I'll melt away into your afterglow.

It was always going to end like this (x3).


I hope you enjoyed this song about love, loss, depression, committing crime, saying good-bye, saying hello, being willing to lose it all, and then hopefully, being willing to work to get it all back again. 

Call Keystone at 251-9463 for more info, or check out WTTS’s event page here: http://wttsfm.com/features/nms/

Post on this page, join the Event on our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/KahnsFineWines

or follow us on Twitter @beer_at_kahns to let me know what you think!

Thanks for listening!


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