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Welcome to Bill and Ted’s “Most Excellent Report on the History of Gluten free and Delicious Brews!

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As experts in all things excellent and historical, they’ve asked me, Bill, and my best friend, Ted, to travel here from San Dimas, CA to give one of our world famous historical reports.

Some people might think Gluten free products are totally bogus!  But they’re totally not!  There’s this lame disease called Celiac Disease.  In 2003 a new study blew up the idea that only 1% of people had it.  Try 1 in every 133 Americans!  Since then, new diagnoses show it affects roughly 18 million Americans.

No way!

Naturally gluten free products like Ciders and Meads are gaining increasing notice and popularity across the country.  These products are, like, the original brews.  People have been making Ciders in America since the founding of the New World, and Meads can be traced back as far as 20,000 years ago in Africa!  Try a brew made totally by nature and honey bees!   Whoah! 

Like the craft beer industry, American cider production and popularity was utterly wasted by Prohibition.  Totally not cool.  The good news, is that rad British companies like Crispin, Strongbow, and Blackthorn have been keeping the old world cider tradition alive.  Brands like Woodchuck started introduced ciders back to the American market.  And new artisanal brands started popping up all over to give people more variety.  Yeah Ace and Original Sin! 

Mead is, like, significant.  Despite a drop in popularity, it’s survived since the 1800’s artisanal niche markets.  Modern craft producers have been totally making their mark.  Like New Day Meadery, your way local family meadery; and B. Nektar from Michigan.  They have been producing and distributing bodacious beverage since 2006.

Craft Brewers have even found ways to make most excellent and delicious gluten free beer!  Sorghum, buckwheat, rice, and corn all make way flavorful and way alcoholic delicious brews.  Imports include St. Peter’s and Green’s.  Local breweries include Two Brothers, Lakefront, Widmer, and Redbridge.

To sum up, cheer up Celiac suffering dudes and dudettes!  Be merry to those looking for a brew that is a refreshing, fruity, and a way historic alternative to wine or beer! 

We’ll see you at North Willow Thursday March 28th from 6-8pm!

There’s drink a plenty, so party on, dudes!

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