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The "old store." Welcome to the Kahn's Fine Wine blog. My name is Todd and I have worked at Kahn's since 2006. I started off as a part-time employee in what many long time Kahn's customers now refer to as "the old store." Since Kahn's now has three stores, the term seems appropriate, but the ‘old store' ALWAYS seemed like an old store to me. It was the wine shop version of an ancient bookstore but the stacks of books were replaced with boxes and boxes of wine, and they were EVERYWHERE. Customers often came to Kahn's in search of something obscure, something they ‘couldn't find anywhere;' thankfully, Kahn's has always specialized in helping customers to find the unfindable. Sometimes we would have to step over a box or two, and maybe turn the corner of one of the many, fairly cramped aisles, but we never failed to reappear with a bottle in hand. For a while, customers must have thought that Kahn's was just like everywhere else that told them ‘no' before. Over time, "the old store" built the reputation that continues to define Kahn's: Come here to find what you think is unfindable.

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