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The Big Game Pep Talk

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““Your Team didn’t Make it?  Your season isn’t over!”

We want your colors!  You bring the bowl, we’ll bring the beer!

This Thursday at the Kahn’s Big Game Tasting we want to see your team’s jersey (we promise we won’t let the Colts fans get you in the parking lot if you come in sporting something besides blue…or orange and white for the Manning fans). 

Why?  Because it doesn’t matter what team you’re rooting for, we believe The Big Game is in your heart first, and only second on the field the game is played.  Even if your team doesn’t make it to the final match up, it’s the fans that never say die.  In the name of all things tailgate, we want our sports fans to persevere, even if it’s so cold there may not even be a Superbowl Sunday this year. 

That’s why we want all of you to come out and take a chance on the darker side of beer.   Porters, stouts, dunkels, and all the other beers that keep you warm instead of cooling you down.  Lagers, pilsners, “light” beers, they can’t stand up to the bitter rage of a windy day just barely above freezing.  This game, this year, is the winter game. 

Bring your spirits, bring your jerseys, bring your beer guts.  We’re going to drink the winter beers.

See you there sports fans.“

*drop microphone*


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