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Tackling a Tricky Summer Pairing

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I love grilling hot dogs in the summer, especially if I can get my hands on some Koegel’s from Michigan. Most of the time if I’m eating them I would accompany them with a beer. Of course, not everyone is a beer drinker and even we beer drinkers can appreciate a nice glass of wine every now and then. So I got to thinking…what would a wine drinker serve with their franks? Hot dogs can be very versatile when you consider the wide array of condiments and toppings you can use. I’ve come up with several options to pair with this summer grilling treat!

Gewürztraminer from Alsace or Germany works really well with hot dogs. After all, this area is home to some of the best sausages in the world! These wines can be dry or sweet, but either way aromas and flavors of exotic fruits like lychees along with apples and honey accentuate the sweetness of the meat. This pairing works especially well if you add a bit of sauerkraut on top.

Try: Domaine Ehrhart Gewurtztraminer Herrenweg 2009

Believe it or not dry French Rosé wines are a fantastic pairing. Pink dogs=pink wine! These are some of the most food-friendly wines in the world and are great for summer grilling. They have enough body to stand up to the dogs, and their fruit character is complex enough to make things interesting. Syrah and Cabernet Franc based rosés will be rich, bone-dry and full of crisp, bright red fruits like strawberries and cherries with a good amount of acidity and minerality that highlight that grill flavor.

Try: Chateau Grande Cassagne Rosé 2012 or Domaine des Cantarelles Rosé 2012

Merlot is a classic pairing for hot dogs (if there is such a thing). The velvety, plush mouth feel of a Merlot plays well with the texture of the meat. The blackberry, plum and cherry flavors make a phenomenal pairing if you are someone who loves ketchup on their dog.

Try: Waterstone Napa Merlot

Adding some chili to that hot dog? Think about pairing it with a Shiraz or Zinfandel. These wines will have enough tannins to cut through the fat and enough luscious, ripe fruit to balance out the spice especially if there are any jalapenos on the scene.

Try: Hobo Rockpile Zinfandel 2011 or Hesketh Barossa Shiraz 2010


Stop in to Kahn’s to try out my pairings and let me know what wines you like to pair with your dogs!




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