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Summer Beers Downtown!

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Just as surf legend Bruce Brown never settled for still water, craft beer drinkers are nomads.  You’ll find them roaming the shelves of their beer havens, always in search of something new.   This insatiable thirst has led to astronomical growth supporting the ever varied tastes of this audience.  Finding “The Perfect Beer for the season” is a search that will never end.  So, the breweries will never stop fermentating and permutating new creations.

Summer beers used to mean anything light, cold, and thirst quenching.  Usually an American lager, a wheat beer, a witbier, or a pilsner.  They’re classics for a reason, and no one would ever challenge their rightful seat on the throne of Summer.  Daredevil brewers are now redefining boundaries with new brews like the laid back ‘surfer-style’ American IPA.  The hop bite still beats a pale ale, but these “session” beers are great for long days spent on the water. 

Other newcomers include American re-imaginings of Belgian golden ales, Belgian farmhouse beers, and the classic German Kolsch beer.  Beer master’s experimentations and infusions of rarely used fruits, herbs, and spices have broadened the flavor palate normally associated with beer.

In honor of this ever evolving opus of beverage creation, Kahn’s downtown store, located in the heart of the Indianapolis downtown, is honored to host our first full-fledged beer tasting event and Beerocracy raffle (details for Beerocracy beers TBA). 

Live dangerously.

Come to ride the “big one”.  Sample old favorites, and new creations.  Our staff is sure that somewhere in the mix, you will find a new favorite of your own to try.  After all, no risk, no reward.

The date is set for Thursday, June 13th, 6-8pm. 

RSVP by phone to 317.632.9463 or with the attached form conveniently below.

Concerned about parking?  Please contact Lu@kahnsfinewines.com for great downtown parking tips.



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