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Rye Mint Julep

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Kentucky Derby is coming up and just as you want to be dressed for your best, you want to drink the best too. You'll be the real Derby winner if you serve up Kahn's exclusive barrels of Rye Whiskey selected by our staff. Want to mix up the traditional Mint Julep? By using Rye Whiskey instead of traditional bourbon, takes the sweet refresher in a rather grown-up direction with bitters and high-proof, peppery rye whiskey.

Bone Snapper Rye Whiskey

2 oz. bonded rye whiskey (Journeyman's Last Feather and Bone Snapper)
2 barspoons simple syrup
2 dashes bitters
10-12 mint leaves

Tools: muddler, barspoon
Glass: Julep cup
Garnish: mint sprigs, powdered sugar, straw

In the base of a Julep cup, muddle the mint leaves with the rye, syrup and bitters. Fill the julep cup three-quarters of the way with crushed ice. Stir until cold. Fill with more crushed ice, forming a mound. Garnish with two pressed mint sprigs, dusted with powdered sugar. Place a straw in the cup right next to the mint to emphasize the aromatics.


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