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Patio Pounders Recap--Some Interesting Finds...

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Some of you are probably wondering what a Patio Pounder is, that's a fair question with an easy answer.  A Patio Pounder is essentially a wine that you drink outside on the patio, on the deck, on the boat or wherever.  The other condition that a wine must meet to be deemed a Patio Pounder is that it needs to have a high 'gulp' factor, meaning that you almost have to stop yourself from tipping the entire bottle back and knockin' it down!



Some interesting wines at Patio Pounders, for sure.  First, if you weren't at the event, then you really missed a great time.  I mean it too.  The weather was perfect, the wines were flowin' and everyone was in a great mood.  You really couuldn't help buy enjoy yourself.

I actually started off this event pouring some of the wines for Graybull wines.  What a treat!  I poured five wines.  Three from Langwerth von Simmern, Dr. Fischer's Ockfener Bockstein Kabinett and Juliusspital's Scheurebe.

It was like a mini-tour of Germany, in five wines, but I have to say that the Langwerth wines really spoke to me.

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brian@wooden market umbrella wrote
I occasionally drink but I am not really a fan of Patio Pounders. Although,it's good to have a gulp once in a while.
Posted Jan 1 0001 12:00 AM
Todd Rainer (Author) wrote
Only a couple more months til winter's done and Patio Pounders will be back!
Posted Jan 25 2012 4:23 PM
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