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Midsummer's Sauntering Supper Wrap Up

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On June 25th, Kahn's Fine Wines Downtown partnered up with Mesh, Aesop's Tables and Agio to offer guests a one-of-a-kind Progressive Dinner called A Midsummer's Sauntering Supper.  It really was a great time.  The event began around 4:30 at Kahn's Downtown where guests were greeted with La Ardilla Moscato and Bartolomeo Prosecco. The La Ardilla displayed a fizzy effervescence coupled with tangerines and Granny Smith apples and the Bartolomeo exuded spumante-like bubbles and crisp acid; both functioned well as apperitifs and provided a nice foreward to the wine and culinary delights to come. 

With palates cleansed, we ventured forth to Mesh, in search of a unique spin on American Fusion with a chic decor, and boy did they hit the ball out of the park.  Sarah Eck, Mesh's events co-ordinator put us in Mesh's private dining room overlooking Mass. Ave.  We enjoyed Kim Crawford's wonderful Sauvignon Blanc and a delightful Malbec from Alta Vista along with Mesh's expertly prepared food:

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