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#localsonly How Well Do You Know Your Local Brews - ANSWERS!

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Howdie Hoosiers!  It’s time for our favorite tasting of the whole year, the one that celebrates all the diversity, talent, and creativity found here in the Indiana brewing community.



THE ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!

The free beer tasting where we pour only products brewed locally.



1.       In 1997 Oaken Barrel took over a defunct 25 barrel system to increase their production.  They shut it down and moved to the smaller system of their current location in 2005 (scaling back and keepin’ it local).  What brewery’s system did they take over in ’97?

Indianapolis Brewing Company (the IBC for short)

2.       Sun King currently has 2 lager tanks in usage.  What are they affectionately called?

George Michaels and Andrew Ridgely

3.       Until recently, Flat 12 was brewing on a 20 barrel system.  This year they ramped up their production dramatically with 2 new outdoor fermentor units.  How many barrels do these new fermenters have capacity for?

120 barrels per fermentor (whoo!)

Bonus – Why did they have to house these units outdoors?

Because their ceilings are really, really low, and these fermenters are both really really tall (like really tall!  Go see them, they’re awesome)

4.       How much beer did Sun King brew in their first 6 months of business?  How much did they brew last year? 


15,650 bbl

5.       Sun King’s original concept didn’t call for a full production facility.  What was it originally going to be?

A brewpub, mmmmm!

6.       The piece of equipment used to break apart the beer palates on Sun King’s canning line was bought from what Colorado based brewery?

Ska Brewing in Colorado

Bonus – What is this machine called?

A de-palletizer

7.       Where is the McClure Family Orchard located?

Peru, Indiana.  And you should definitely visit, they have food available, a petting zoo for the kids to enjoy, and you’ll usually get to say hi to one of the McClure’s themselves while visiting.

8.       Does the Oaken Barrel have a large-scale production facility?

Heck no, they’re working in small batches with a 15 barrel brewhouse system.

9.       What is Pogue’s Run Porter of Flat 12 Bierwerks named for?

The Battle of Pogue’s Run in 1863, as well as the creek that to this day runs underneath the city.

Bonus;  What almost killed Joe Walsh 2 weeks ago?

The Trinidadian Scorpion Pepper, weighing in at a hefty 1.2-2million Scoville units.

10.   What year did Upland Brewery first start production?


11.   There is a tank at Sun King that was originally purchased from Upland Brewing, and used as a lager tank until better equipment could be purchased.  What color did Sun King paint this tank, and what do they call it?

They painted it pink, and it is now called the Pink Pig

Question Bonus – what was this tank originally used for before being repurposed for fermenting beer?

A dairy tank

12.   Name Upland Brewing’s bestselling beer

Upland Wheat

13.   Sun King wasn’t originally going to be called Sun King. What name was Dave and Clay’s first choice, before eventually being changed to Sun King?

Solstice Brewing

14.   Where does Flat 12 Bierwerks get it’s name?

The Flathead or “Flat-12” cylinder engine, designed in the 1900’s to boost the speed on racing vehicles (chosen for it’s importance to the racing culture that is integral to Indianapolis’s past)

15.   What event has become a weekly tradition at the Flat 12 Brewery?

Taco Thursday, with Bohemia Tacos.  Mmmm lunch tacos.

16.   Co-founder Jon W. Lang has been working as a brewmaster in Indiana longer than almost anyone else.  Where did he spend 9 years working as the brewmaster before opening Triton?

Barley Island Brewing Company

17.   What type of system does Triton use to purify their water? Let’s get science-y, what does this system do?

A reverse osmosis filtration system, and it system strips the water down to the basics, 2 hydrogen molecules and one oxygen.

18.   Name the Oaken Barrel signature line-up of beers (it’s ok if you don’t know them all, you’ll get to try them at the #localsonly event)

Indiana Amber, The Razz Wheat, Gnaw Bone Pale Ale, and the Snake Pit Porter.

19.   How long has the Oaken Barrel Brewpub been in business?

14 years

20.   Name the exact geological features of Southern Indiana that Upland is named after.

The Norman and Crawford Uplands

21.   Why did Jon and David name the brewery “Triton” brewing?

They’re obsessed with water purity, and how it affects the quality and consistency of their beer.

22.  How many tap rooms does Upland currently have, and where are they located?

3, and they're located in Bloomington, Broad Ripple, and Carmel

23.   Cutters Brewery has seen rapid growth in the past few years.  What was their brewing classification in 2011 when they opened their doors in Bloomington?  What was their classification just 1 year later when they moved to Avon?

In 2011, Nano (almost a modified homebrew system), in 2012, Micro with a 30bbl facility.

24.   Upland is really well known for their sour lambics, name 3 of the fruits used to create these signature sours.

All I really care about are the Persimmon, Blackberry, and Kiwi, sooooo tasty!

25.   What revolutionary new innovation has Cutters pioneered in respect to growler fills?

Growler pouches, yep, growler pouches.  Check it out (it’s in the first photo under “related photos”:


26.   Why the funny spelling on Bierwerks?

The spelling, and most of the line-up of beers, are designed as a homage to the history of Indianapolis and the immigrant culture that made Indianapolis great.

27.   What background makes the founding members of Fountain Square unique?

SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, specifically one of the founding members worked previously as an engineer at Eli Lilly.

28.   While the McClure family has owned their orchard for 15 yrs, when were they finally able to start distributing their family made wines and artisanal ciders?

September, 2010

29.   From where do the owners of New Day Meadery, Brett and Tia, order all of the honey used to make their signature meads?

Wildflower Ridge Honey Farm in Anderson, IN.  

30.   Name a couple of awesome specialty small batch meads produced by New Day Meadery

Why name them when you can try them at the beer tasting tonight!  

31.   What brewery did Fountain Square buy their current system from? (Hint, they were local)


Alright, that's a rap!  

Thanks for playing, Quizzers!  

We'll also be tweeting the questions one at a time leading up to the event, if you'd like to show off your massive brain on twitter, follow us @beer_at_kahns.

Till then, drink local

#locals only!



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