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Introducing #kahnsing, a fun way to say hello and cheers! 

What is Kahnsing, exactly?

Toasting while standing on one foot.  Kahnsing can be done alone, but we think kahnsing Is more fun when done with others. At Kahn's, we like to have fun, and we're reasonably certain you've noticed that we regularly substitute the letter 'K' for the letter 'C' whenever we Kahn. Yep, did it right there.  To us, Kahnsing is more than just a funny pose though.  Kahnsing is a way to connect with each other, have fun, and be creative...all things that we see as a big part of what we do around here.

Join in the fun...

Snap pics of you Kahnsing with friends and send them to us via facebook (KahnsFineWines) or on twitter at @Beer_at_Kahns or @Wine_at_Kahns. Make sure to use the hashtag #kahnsing.

Exotic locations, creativity and humor are strongly encouraged. Have fun with it.  

Every month, we'll select the best #kahnsing  pic we can find and give that person a gift certificate...just for #kahnsing!

So, let's get this thing going...look for us #kahnsing too...we have lots of fun ideas...so stay tuned!

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