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Football and Beer: A Match Made in Heaven!

Fall is in full force so that means that many of us are spending our Saturday and Sunday afternoons either at our Alma Maters or tailgating downtown for a Colts game. Every weekend the same question arises, “What should I take to the tailgate?” Luckily, here at Kahn's, we’ve got you covered.


The two main questions you should ask yourself are: “What is the alcohol content?” and “Are glass bottles allowed where I’m tailgating?” The lower the alcohol content, the longer you can fully enjoy your football festivities. For tailgating I would generally recommend something 5.5% or below. As a reference point, Bud Light is 4.2%, whereas most IPAs clock in around 7%. A lot of tailgate areas won’t allow glass so cans typically work best for tailgating. At Kahn’s we have over forty great American made craft beer options that are available in cans and many others that are imported.


I’m typically a hop head myself when I tailgate so my beer of choice is Two Brothers Sidekick Pale Ale. At 5.1% abv and only 36 IBUs this hoppy, lightly grassy pale ale normally serves as a great “lawnmower beer” and won’t get you in trouble. Other great hoppy options include Founders All Day IPA, Epic Road to Colorado IPA, Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale and Arcadia Sky High Rye Pale Ale. 


If hops aren’t your thing, Chapman’s Englishman Brown Ale, Great Crescent Coconut Porter, and Sun King Wee Mac are all great local, malty options. If you are a wheat beer fanatic you can go with Upland Wheat, Cutters Monon Wheat, or Goose Island 312. If you seek a crisp lager for a crisp autumn day, you can opt for Sixpoint The Crisp, Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils, or Stiegl Goldbrau. Sun King’s Sunlight Cream will also fit the bill. If you are a traditionalist, most English style pub cans are also lower in alcohol content, typically 5.2% or below. Beers like Boddingtons, Belhaven Scottish Ale, Guinness, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, and Old Speckled Hen are all great options.


Not a beer drinker? Hard cider is also very popular during the fall and a great option for tailgating. There are many canned ciders, including Woodchuck Amber, Crispin Original, Crispin Brownslane (a dry cider), and Smith & Forge. These definitely operate well as a nice change of pace.


We hope these ideas help with your tailgating adventures this football season. Enjoy the game, and enjoy the beer!




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