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Drinkula's Best "Beer and Candy" Event Costumes

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Greetings to all you toothsome mortals out there.  My name is Drinkula.

I must say, this is my favorite time of year.  So many delicious tricks and treats who come tastily (I mean tasting of course) for the Beer and Candy Halloween Beer Tasting.  I could just eat them all up!  My favorite part of the event is all the creative costumes I see.

You might say I have a bit of a flair for fashion.  My look has become classic Halloween fashion coutour.  As an awknowledged expert in the spooky, my good friends at Kahn’s graciously have asked me to write today with beer costume ideas.  The best dressed win extra beerocracy raffle picks by crowd vote.  So you’d better make it good.


 First is a scary classic, Rogue Dead Guy, and all you would need        is a skeleton costume!  Too easy?  Rogue has many other characters  to choose from.  Be inspired by Shakespeare Stout, Voodoo Bacon  Maple Doughnut Ale, or any John John release.



Looking to for costumes that support drinking locally?  Wonderful, I love drinking locally!  Sun King beers are a great source of character costumes.  Osiris is a tasty beer from Sun King.  You could go as the can or the Egyptian god of the the Underworld.  My inside man at Sun King also let me know they would be bringing Bier de Fauve with them this year.  Inspired by Henri Matisse, this is a great costume for lovers of art.  

You could also go as Isis, Zaius, El Gallo Negro, or the pirate from Sink the Clipper.  If you do come as a pirate, be sure you are not confused with the one from Triton’s Deadeye stout!

Flat 12’s Amber, Flat Jack, or the Soldier of Pogue’s Run are also inspired characters to portray.  Upside Down Blonde is a great costume for couples, although blood does tend to rush places when upside down for too long (don’t I know it).  

Couple's with a slightly, shall we say, contentious relationship, could also attend together as New Holland’s Ichabod and Shipyards Pumpkinhead.



Belgian beer is the place to look for costumes of a historical or fantastical nature.  There is the most elegent Duchesse De Bourgnone, the easily copied Fantome ghost, the monk of St. Bernardus, or the delightful gnome from La Chouffe.

As you see, craft beer is an untapped well of fantastic, and recognizable, costume ideas.  I hope I have helped those hopeless few find one for themselves.  It appears in my excitement I have also stayed past the rising of the sun, so I must go.

If you need require further assistance, please feel free to summon me before the event.  Drinkula is always happy to help, for a price.  After all, while I will be in attendance at the event, and I so rarely drink......beer.

You may not see me before it is too late, but I will see you this Saturday, 10/26/13,  at Kahn’s North Willow 6-8pm, for the annual Beer and Candy Halloween Tasting Event.  I am so very excited for this evening, I’m sure it will be a scream.


Count D




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