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Diamond in the Rough, Fall 2012 Edition

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When and where is Diamond in the Rough?

Thursday, November 1, 6-8:30pm2342 W. 86th RSVP: 317-228-9463

Download a sneak peek of the wines here

What is Diamond in the Rough? Diamond is a huge tasting and sale on closeout wines from all the distributors in Indiana. WINE PRICES ARE SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED, sometimes even below wholesale cost! It's important to come to the tasting because there are some wines that are on distributor closeout lists for a reason...if you catch my drift...

But sometimes...most of the time, in fact, you'll find wines that have no business being on closeout lists... These are the true DIAMONDS in the Rough.


A couple of things to keep in mind...

All orders are case orders
Credit Card required with order
Often there is a finite amont of each wine available, so we split what is available based on the number of orders....For example, if there are only two cases of a wine and there are four orders, then everyone gets six bottles.

K Klub orders are filled first....this gives you a huge advantage over non K Klub Members.  Let's say there's four cases of a wine.  If eight people order a case and two of those people are K Klub members, the K Klub members each get their case, and the remaining two cases are split evenly among the remaining six people (4 bottles each).     

It pays to be a K Klub member! Click here for other great reasons to join the K Klub. 

Click to Join the K Klub Now!

So...there are big time advantages to being in the K Klub, especially when it only costs you $10 per person per year

RSVP to 317-228-9463!

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