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Battle of Belgium Wrap-Up

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And then there was one...Leffe Brune, the Battle of Belgium 2012 Champion!

Leffe Brune, a #7 seed, represented the Waterloo region in the BOB 2012 finals, a surprise to be sure.  Many beer drinkers and Kahn's employees were shocked, as Waterloo appeared to be the most difficult region.  Waterloo was awash with top-notch beers that fared well in the 2011 Battle of Belgium, including: Goose Island Matilda, Rochefort 10, St. Bernardus Watou Tripel,  and St. Bernardus Tripel.  No one expected much from Leffe Brune, a 2012 BOB newcomer.  We all judged the beer by its label, and frankly, we underestimated it.

Leffe Brune trounced #2 Rochefort 10 in the first round, busting many BOB Bracket Challenge brackets in the process.  In round two, Leffe Brune beat up on St. Bernardus Tripel and in round three, it clobbered Ommegang Brewery's Three Philosopher's to make its way into the Championship.

The 2012 BOB Championship was filled with a veritable who's who of Belgium beer, including St. Bernardus Abt 12, Chimay Blue and Rochefort 8, all #1 seeds.  Surely, Leffe Brune's Cinderella story would end when it matched up against the three top seeds in the tournament. To be honest, we were almost certain that St. Bernardus Abt 12 would repeat as BOB champion and we were ready to retire it as the finest Belgian beer; however, when it came down to customer votes, Leffe Brune won by two votes over the 2nd place beer, Rochefort 8!

It just goes to show you what the Battle of Belgium proves with every single matchup: Don't judge a beer by its label,  judge beer by how it tastes.  We hope you enjoyed the BOB, and we look forward to an outstanding BOB ini 2013.

Remember, all Belgian beer is 10% off for the rest of March, so come in and try some today!


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