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Battle of Belgium Round 3 Complete...and then there were 4

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DayThree of Battle of Belgium 2012 is Complete!

Download the Updated Bracket after Round 3 here!

And then there were four.  Last year's BOB Champion St. Bernardus Abt 12, Chimay Blue, Rochefort 8 and Leffe Brune.  Leffe Brune, a mere #7 seed, was the beer left standing once the dust settled in the Waterloo region, considered by many to be the most difficult.

St. Bernardus reasserted its dominance as it defended the Brussels region against Goose Island's Pere Jacques.  Truthfully, it was never close. Abt 12 has had no real challenge up to this point, and again looks like the beer to beat in this year's Battle of Belgium.

The Bruges region didn't provide much drama either, with Trois Pistoles falling to #1seed Rochefort 8 by over 15 votes.

The real intrigue came in the Antwerp region where Chimay Blue took on Indianapolis brewery Sun King's Velvet Fog, a bourbon barrel- aged quad brewed wtih cherries. Early in the battle, Sun King stormed out to an 8-1 lead, but as the night went on, Chimay began to gain ground and eventually tied things up.  The matchup was hotly contested up until the last thirty minutes of the competition,  but Chimay Blue eventually pulled away to win by a mere five votes. Our friends at Sun King should be proud.  Kahn's Fine Wines is proud of our great friends at Sun King Brewery!

In the end though, only four remain.  All four are true Belgian beer and tomorrow, customer votes will decide the King of Belgian Beer.  Does Rochefort 8, unlikely BOB newcomer Leffe Brune or the mighty Chimay Blue have enough to overcome the richness and complexity of St. Bernardus Abt 12?  Come join us tomorrow at Kahn's NW from 6-8 pm and we'll find out together.


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