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Battle of Belgium is coming...

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Attention to all Mavens of Malt, all Lords and Ladies of Lambic, and all Sultans of Saccharomyces!  We kindly request the presence of your finely tuned, discriminating palate at the Battle of Belgium, an 4 day, 32 beer single elimination blind taste-off that will result in the crowning of the King of Belgian Beer!

The Battle of Belgium is a Free Beer Tasting Event!  It runs from March 7-10, from 6-8 pm at Kahn's North Willow, 2342 W. 86th Street.

But wait, there’s more…  Are you tired of the Belgian beer know-it-all in your ‘inner beer circle’?  Looking for an opportunity to prove that you’re the true Baron of Brew? The Battle of Belgium Bracket Challenge is your chance. Fill out and submit your completed bracket by 6:00 pm at any Kahn's location…The overall winner will receive the official noble beer title of Baron(ness) of Brew, a ton of bragging rights and… an outstanding prize TBD.  Brackets will be released. soon.

The Tastings:   Initial matchups are based on seeding.  All matchups will be conducted blind. Vote for your favorite beer in each matchup, the beer with the most votes will advance to the next round.  In the event of a tie, a Kahn’s staff member will break the tie by tasting and voting for their preferred beer in the tied matchup.   At the end of each day, brown bags will be removed and the beers will be revealed. In the event of a tie in the final round, the winner will be the beer with the greatest number of votes throughout the tournament.

Battle of Belgium Bracket Challenge:

How to Play:  First, pick up a bracket at any Kahn’s location.  Fill out your Battle of Belgium bracket by selecting the beers you think will advance and eventually win.  Brackets must be turned in by March 7th at 6:00 pm to any Kahn's location. Points are awarded for each correct pick and will be equal to the round number, i.e. Round 1 = 1pt, Round 2 = 2pt, etc...The person with the most total points will be anointed the Baron(ess) of Brew and will win a prize TBD. Follow Kahn’s on Facebook (Kahns Fine Wines) and Twitter @ Beer_at_Kahns for round by round updates.

For K-Klub Members: Come to the Battle of Belgium and you'll have the chance to purchase beers from our Beerocracy Stockpile.  Click for Info about Beerocracy.  Only Kahnoisseur's Klub members can enjoy the Beerocracy Benefit.  Want to learn more? Click for Why You Should Join the Kahnoisseur's Klub!

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