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Battle of Belgium Day 3 - It was Terrible!

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The final rounds of Battle of Belgium proved terrible beer to be the best beer of all.

Yes, you heard that correctly.  The new crowned King of Belgian beer is Unibroue Terrible!

Here's how it happened:

Amidst the sparkle of St. Patty's day green glitter our tasters gathered.  The field was set with the final 8, prepared to go head to head in the hardest face-off of them all.

The Battle sweetheart, Leffe Brune, was cut down brutally in a landslide vote against Schlafly Quadrupel.  Belgian strong ales from Unibroue, Don de Dieu and Terrible,  also advanced forward against their competitiors, Boulevard Long Strange and Brooklyn Local 2. 

As a matter of fate, this reviewer feels like she should mention that while Don de Dieu won it's round with little opposition, our grand champion Terrible moved forward against Strange by the whim of a single vote.  Had that vote gone the other way, the entire competition would have ended very differently.

Our most final finalist, staff favorite to win this competition, also moved forward into the final 4 with little opposition.  Gouden Carolus gracefully assumed its place in the final 4 against Delirium Tremens in a landslide vote.

But even after all that none of the contestants had a chance to rest for a moment.  While votes were tabulated and another stirring Beerocracy round went on across the arena, the battle was reset.  Judges and brews immediately resumed their places for the final round.  SUDDEN DEATH!

It was a contest between some of the strongest beers of the competion, with abv's ranging as high as 11%!

Again the battle was close, and after much deliberation, the winner was clear. 

Runner up with no votes: Oddly enough, Unibroue Don de Dieu

Third Place: Schlafly Quadrupel

Second Place: Gouden Carolus Grand Cru of the Emperor Brune

and the Final winner, the most brutal of them all:


There you have it beer lovers!

Thank you to all our sponsors, and everyone who partipated in this event.  We'd like to thank our fans, the beer drinkers, who've supported us all the way.  Stay tuned, same station, for our next beer tasting event coming up in April....

Kahn's Drink the Funk, the sourest funkiest tasting of them all.!

Cheers, and Happy St. Patty's Day!

-Lu Miller


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