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Battle of Belgium 2013 Round 2 Recap

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The Battle of Belgium Bracket After Round 2

Current Battle of Belgium Bracket Challenge Standings

The second night of Battle of Belgium brought us another round of hard-won victories and brutal eliminations here at Kahn’s Fine Wines North Willow!

Reigning champion, Leffe Brune trounced #4 seed Ommegang Hennepin in their first ever match-up. Customers commented on the similarity of the two beers, both meek yet compelling, but Brune consistently scored the vote.

The Battle faced one tie breaker tonight, when world renowned Chimay Blue faced Goose Island Pere Jacques. Chimay prevailed, but boy did that Jacques put up a fight. Tomorrow night, Chimay Blue will be facing fellow Belgian, and buccaneer of beer, Piraat for a chance at the final four. 

In Brussels, staff darling quad, Rochefort 10 won by seven votes against St. Feuillien Grand Cru (#7 seed). Looks like Rochefort 10 is continuing its path of domination towards a re-match with Leffe Brune. Rochefort 10 was last seen with a vengeful glint in its eye.

In the family, Rochefort 8, 10’s younger, more civil (no less bloodthirsty) cousin, won by a landslide against #4 seed Three Philosophers. The Rochefort family has some fight! It would not surprise us to see both Rocheforts make it to the final round and fight it out with two other worthy brews for the title of King of Belgian Beer!  Would you choose the beast or the gentleman?

Goose Island Matilda proved to be the fairest of them all in its match up against Boulevard Tank 7. This was close, Tank 7 keeping a thin lead until the last votes of the night pushed Matilda over the edge. While Tank 7 weeps the tears of a thousand candy-less babes, Matilda prepares for future battles. Will Lady Matilda surprise everyone and be the first ever Queen of Belgian Beer? Only time and your generous palates will tell….

Rounding up the night, Brother Thelonius (#8 seed), the American monk, continues to out-taste and upset. Tonight, the king of jazz will face Unibroue Don De Dieu, who beat out brother, La Fin Du Monde by 8 points. Their parents tell reporters that they are proud of both sons, and would have been overjoyed regardless of the outcome.

 Overall, this was a tense night for Belgian Beer fans, but, boy, was it fun. The underdogs of Antwerp and Brussels continue their trip towards the final round. As some beers are sent back to the shelves in shame and other prepare for rounds 3 and 4; fans eagerly anticipate tonight's double-header and the crowning of the KING OF BELGIAN BEER!

Will your palate decide the victor?

-Shilpa and Lura-


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